Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rêve Générale - Paris, January 29, 2009

General Strike in Paris.

A member of the Union of Student Workers, Lucas G. Pinheiro, was present in the "General Strike" which took place in multiple cities across France with an estimated turnout of over two million people. Lucas was in Paris and reports to the USW through a video he complied with original footage from the events in Paris, where 300,000 people hit the streets last Thursday to protest against Sarkozy's reforms in the public sector.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The lack of solidarity amongst students, workers and student-workers means that a large effort is needed so that students unite through the USW and demand that all workers rights be met and our effort be well compensated and acknowledged. It’s time student-workers stopped hiding in this puddle-plagued, BOG-manipulated, construction-infested, so-called “student-run” university. It’s time we tell our hegemonic employer, The University of British Columbia, that we do have a voice and together we can make them listen to our demands loudly or gently, vibrantly or serenely, in either harmony or struggle.

The USW Initiative

Dear oppressed UBC students, workers and student-workers,

This message is addressed to all who feel that a time for unification and solidarity among employees of this university has come. This concerns all who believe that change is not only possible, but necessary. The time to unite and speak out for our rights as workers of this institution has come.

Join us in exercising our rights as workers of this constitutional monarchy to form a union of student employees. Help to promote the wellbeing of those who are, on a daily basis, flipping burgers, brewing coffee, serving beer, safewalking, tutoring, etc… to cover UBC’s inflated tuition fees. We can show the administration that this campus serves over 45,000 people daily because of us, and if we collectively decide to stop, the entire campus will stop with us. Power we already have, what we need is organised and unified mobilisation.

This is an initiative for all of us who wish to exercise our right to form a UNION OF STUDENT WORKERS AT UBC.

Yours in solidarity,

The UBC Student Media

The UBC Student Media is a collaborative student-led project with the vision and ambition to inform students of the various issues and developments in the UBC campus. 

The project is currently covering the 2009 AMS elections. The UBC Student Media is engaged to inform students of the candidates' platforms as well as being critical and analytical towards them. In this respect, the project was the first to inform students of the Bijan (BoG representative candidate) UBC Farm endorsement scandal. Check out their website and stay tuned for more important information concerning the elections.